DOLOMITES ACTIVE HOLIDAY IN THE MOUNTAINS MORE INFO 8 Days Open Scheduling: June 10 – July 10 All inclusive The Pale Mountains Dolomites are a wonderful mountain range that cross the north of Italy. There is not just one moment … Read More

Puglia – Matera

PUGLIA – MATERA WHERE NATURE PERFECTLY MERGES WITH CULTURE MORE INFO 7-8 Days Open Scheduling Apr 10 – 27 / Sept 30 – Nov 15 The heel of Italy’s boot Puglia is also known as the heel of Italy’s boot, … Read More

Piedmont Langhe

PIEDMONT – LANGHE A JOURNEY THROUGH THE UNESCO’S WORLD HERITAGE SITE MORE INFO 8 Days Open Scheduling: Jun 10 > July All inclusive Langhe From green hills and vast vineyards to medieval castles and villages, Langhe has a one of … Read More

La Vuelta a España

LA VUELTA A ESPAÑA 2020 ONE OF CYCLING’S WORLD THREE GRAND TOURS BOOK THIS TOUR €2.350/person MORE INFO OPEN SCHEDULING 4 Days – 28/31.08.2020 6 Days – 28.08/02.09.2020 10 Days – 24.08/02.09.2020 ALL INCLUSIVE La Vuelta La Vuelta takes place … Read More

Tour de France

TOUR DE FRANCE 2020 THE WORLD MOST FAMOUS CYCLING RACE BOOK THIS TOUR €2.950 person MORE INFO 10 days – 11/20.07.2020 8 days – 13/20.07.2020 All inclusive The race Tour de France is the world most famous cycling race, one … Read More

Giro d’Italia – Crono Prosecco

GIRO D'ITALIA DOLOMITES AND THE PROSECCO SPECIAL CHRONO TRIAL STAGE BOOK THIS TOUR €2.050 person MORE INFO 6Days – 22/27.05.2020 9 Days – 22/30.05.2020 All inclusive Between Prosecco hills & Dolomites The Prosecco Superiore lands will be pink tinged with … Read More