Baja California



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Between USA and Mexico

With its 1700 kilometres of extension, Baja California is one of the world longest peninsulas, perfectly melting the two neighbouring cultures, that of United States and continental Mexico. A bike tour where to discover the extraordinary beauty that nature shows us, the Baja California Tour is a more unique than rare opportunity to experience an exciting journey, combining sport with a very special holiday.

Wild and unpredictable

Baja California is the ideal destination to enjoy both on the road and relaxing holiday. Whales, seals, dolphins, giant cacti and geysers are just some of its natural beauties. Far from modern world anxieties, Baja California is a unique opportunity to be in contact with different cultures and a nature almost untouched.

Uncontaminated Nature

Our journey will start from Rosarito and will wind through thousands of kilometers of natural beauty, between dunes and mountains bathed by crystal clear waters of both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, bays where hundreds of whales arrive between February and April.

Professional Guide

Rodolfo Massi, assisted by his staff, personally follows all cyclists pedalling with them, providing his professionalism, services and advice that come from his great experience and infinite passion for cycling.

From Nature to Towns

After crossing the Guadalupe valley and the famous Bufadora cliff, passing through San Ignacio and Loreto and arrive at the capital La Paz, with the opportunity to see the whale sharks in its beautiful beaches. Final destination Todos Santos where to visit Hotel California, made famous by the Eagles song.

Easy Cycling

If you're not trained, don't worry, we might offer two bike types, choosing between mtb and racing bikes, between the lightweight carbon model (weight 11 kg) with a little help and standard e-bikes (20-23 kg) with more thrust and power.

What to eat in Mexico

Following in suit with the climate, the modern cooking of Baja food draws inspiration from the Mediterranean as in, high-protein meals with plenty of roasted meat, fresh seafood, and exquisite vegetable preparations. Not to forget the typical Mexican foods as Tacos, Quesadillas, Tostadas, Tamales, Tortas, Sopes, Ceviche and Chapulines.

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