Coast to Coast


From Tirrenic sea to Adriatic sea

Open Scheduling Suggestion: April - May - September Minimum 7 people

Across the Italy

With its varied landscapes, rich history and exquisite gastronomy, this trip is an unforgettable experience for lovers of nature, culture and good food.

From Tirrenic sea…

Our journey begins in the fascinating hills of Tuscany, where the Tyrrhenian Sea kisses the coast with its turquoise waves. From here, we head towards the Umbrian Apennines, through medieval villages perched on rocky cliffs and rural landscapes.

Professional Guide

Rodolfo Massi, assisted by his staff, personally follows all cyclists pedalling with them, providing his professionalism, services and advice that come from his great experience and infinite passion for cycling.

…to Adriatic sea

Finally, we reach the lively seaside of Marche, where we can relax on the golden beaches or immerse ourselves in the crystal clear waters of the sea. The taste of local cuisine, based on fresh fish and typical products, will delight our palate and end our trip in beauty.

Easy Cycling

If you're not trained, don't worry, we might offer two bike types, choosing between E-bike and racing bikes, between the lightweight carbon model with electric gear and standard e-bikes with more thrust and power.

Trip Itinerary

Flat and wavy, suitable for everyone. Wavy, climbs (5-15 km) with greater slopes.

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