Naples, Capri, Amalfi Coast



Open scheduling Minimum 7 people Suggestion: April - September - October

Naples and its territories

Dominated by Vesuvius and overlooking its beautiful bay, whose beauty has been a source of inspiration for many artists, the landscapes charm, the enchanting islands scattered like pearls in the Mediterranean blue waters, the liveliness of an extremely friendly people, the living joy that exudes from every turf of this land, whose famous songs and tasty culinary specialties never wane.

Capri and Amalfi coast

The blue of the sea, the green of the Mediterranean scrub of the terraces cultivated with citrus fruits, merge with characteristic architectures to create one of the italian most beautiful routes, the Amalfi Coast.

Unique landscapes

Designed by bays, inlets, overhangs and small villages perched on the mountain. A holiday that combines sport, culture, nature and relaxation, for those who desire a different vacation, active and not according to the patterns.

Professional Guide

Rodolfo Massi, assisted by his staff, personally follows all cyclists pedalling with them, providing his professionalism, services and advice that come from his great experience and infinite passion for cycling.

From Nature to Small Towns

From Naples climbing Vesuvius by bike, visiting Pompei excavations, moving to Sorrento, along the picturesque coast roads of Amalfi and Positano. A full day in Capri with some trekking along its paths, then ending tour at Vietri sul Mare.

Easy Cycling

If you're not trained, don't worry, we might offer two bike types, choosing between mtb and racing bikes, between the lightweight carbon model (weight 11 kg) with a little help and standard e-bikes (20-23 kg) with more thrust and power.

Trip Itinerary

Flat and wavy, suitable for everyone. Wavy, climbs (5-15 km) with greater slopes,

What to eat in Naples

Neapolitan cuisine has ancient historical roots that date back to the Greco-Roman period, the simplicity of the flavors and genuine ingredients are the strengths of typical dishes made with basic products such as tomatoes, oil, vegetables and even pasta, the basis of the so-called Mediterranean diet. Some specialities: Pizza di scarole, Spaghetti with tomato sauce, Fried anchovies, Parmigiana with aubergines, Macaroni omelette, Impepata with mussels, Migliaccio, Pastiera, Casatiello, Pasta and beans with mussels, Mozzarella in carrozza, Friarielli.

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